Whoever said that you can not buy love has never been owned by  a standard poodle! Unconditional love and endless joy describes this magnificent breed. We raise quality AKC standard poodle puppies with an emphasis on disposition, conformation, & health.

Whatever you do, they do also! Be it service dogs, bird dogs, hiking partners, agility, cart dogs or companions. Ours have mastered stock dog techniques--much to the disgust of  Border Collies!

 Those with allergies  cherish their shed free coats! As do those of us who  do the clean up.

   I expect Tawny to cycle any day now. She has produced puppies with great dispositions in the past. Her litter will be cremes, apricots, & reds. I will post when the breeding occurs.

   Call  (406) 568-2336 or emaila_stoican@yahoo.comfor additional
details or just to talk "poos".
   Thanks for visiting!

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Perfect toddler chair!