Big Sky Poodles
Exceptional Standard Poodles
Brownies due late March!  Black/blue mid April!  WE am SO excited!
When only the best will do....
Have you ever been owned by a standard poodle? You are in for a treat if you choose one!  You will be loved unconditionally and will never go to the bathroom alone ever again! You will also learn to see the joy in the mundane. We raise quality AKC standard poodle puppies with an emphasis on disposition, conformation, & health. Neither one more important than the other.
  Whatever you do, a standard poodle will do also! Be it service dogs, hunters, hiking partners, agility, cart dogs or companions. Ours have mastered stock dog techniques--much to the disgust of Border Collies!

  Those with allergies cherish their shed free coats! As do those of us who do the clean up.

  We have bred for a late March litter of brownies and plan to breed for a black/blue litter due in mid April.  Stay tuned for further announcements!

PH (406) 568-2336 or email: [email protected]
Striving to produce healthy, happy, quality standard poodles each and every litter.